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Let the Music Heal Your Soul

I have always liked music and it would always let musci heal my soul. I mean I could never ever imagine my life without it. It has been my ‘happiness’, the source of  joy, peace and inspiration and a remedy for a bad mood. Radio music used to wake me up when I was in high school and when I attended college. It was always a boost of energy!

I listen to the music every day.  I get favourite beats yet they shift with time as well. The most vital thing about music is taht it always makes me smile. Another pastime that  I discovered is singing. I have always wanted to sing, to be able to actually live my life singing. I think it is one of the most amazing gifts all singers have been blessed. I envy them in a good way obviously 🙂  I may not be the best singer and my audience is usually my mirror or window oh and my teacher.

I have always wanted to take up singing lessons and eventually I bumped into my teacher – Lisa while browsing a local newspaper. It’s like the Universe was listening carefully to me as I really really wanted to learn how to sing. The Law of Attraction worked certainly here: I asked for it and I was given.  And I must say I have an amazing, warm and extremely motivating teacher in the world. Not only, is she providing me with great tips and exercises to make my “singing” sound better yet she has been a very encouraging teacher. Now while I am aware that I am only at the beginning of my singing journey ( I just love singing even if I do not sound too good 🙂  )  I realised that I have been gaining something else along the way:  more confidence not only within my voice but within myself.  Personally, the weekly lessons are a soul therapy for me and I have already seen an improvement in my voice ability.  Here is the link to Lisa’s page:  If you have been thinking about singing lessons – Lisa is the vocal coach you will love 🙂  “

Music gives me a tremendous amount of joy, relaxation and power. And by power I mean it makes me feel conifdent, it make me believe. The lyrics flow and I feel so light and happy and when I close my eyes, my soul gets pumped up and my true voice comes out like a snail comes of out its shell. Its freaking amazing 🙂

Hugs and Light from Me


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It is never too late … to start over

I have heard it million, if not gazillion times : “It is too late, I can not do it, if it’s meant for me then it will happen”.  Well I say: It is never ever too late to start over your life.

But hey, I can not simply rewind my life.

Nop, indeed. However, you can easily let go of stuff that does not serve your highest good anymore, you can easily regroup and start charging ahead in the wanted direction. I sometimes sing when I feel like I am going upstream. It is one of the ways that allow me to stop and realign within.  Here is the link to my past article about music as it does make me feel alive and makes me feel like I can do stuff again. Choose your power song and sing “It is too late to do this or that” away. Frozen song fits perfectly into that mood:

Let it go, let it go, can’t hold it back anymore

I often hear from clients and friends: ” I am stuck, I feel like wherever I turn to, I see blocks”. And it feels like you can not figure it out or you feel like you are not good enough and everything around is just bla blah blah. The truth is that you are never stuck, My Dear, you are evolving. The ‘feeling stuck’ thing is just your fear of moving towards what you truly desire. Because I am telling you: YOU ARE GREAT. YOU WERE CREATED GREAT and you can do amazing things if you choose to see your light inside.  On many occasions, we feel stuck because we can not yet see our ability to shine, we turn to dark place and once we are there, we hide. Because it is easier to sit in  the comfort of darkness. At least, it is the darkness we know. And then it takes one little spark to see the light, to see our greatness.  Why do we not want to see our greatness?

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure” – Marianne Williamson


We tend to be so hard on ourselves, we fail and we scold ourselves for not doing great. We drag on things we did wrong years ago and thus we carry that energy around us.  That baggage in the form of failure, heartbreaks, negative work experiences, rejections, arguments and the list could go on and on, is truly our treasure as these were merely lessons for us. I get it, at first it is hard enough to see all of that with a positive eye. However, if we allow ourselves to look at those from a different angle, or perhaps allow a mentor, a coach or a good friend to encourage us to stop and ponder for a while what exactly went wrong, why it happened, why we reacted that way etc, only then we can twist all those negative experiences into the ones we would like to have.

 It is never a one stop job.

At least once a year, I will take a piece of paper and do the exercise called Wheel of Life. I bet you have heard about it like many times yet you just either did the exercise half way or simply skipped doing it. And you know what: that is ok as you can do it now. It is never too late.  I do it because I wish to assess where I am in my life to see what is going great for me and what needs more balance or upgrade.  I love the exercise as it clearly shows the areas of your life that could do with some clearing and polishing. And some areas will need a good scrub too. So go ahead grab a piece of paper and draw a fine circle and divide it into the  following:



Once that is done, simple spend some time over each area and pu a dot on the line in each of them. Imagine each line is a scale 1 to 10 and simply choose the place on the line you feel it is.  The below questions can be helpful:

LOVE       – Do you easily give and receive love? Do you feel loved?

HEALTH – Are you happy with your diet? How fit are you? How often do you exercise?

MONEY  – Are you happy with your current income? Is your money mindset doing fine?

CAREER – Are you going into right direction? Is your job the one?

FUN        –  How much fun is in your life right now? Can you be playful?

FAMILY& FRIENDS – Do you feel supported by friends and family? Do you spend quality time with  them?

PERSONAL GROWTH –  Are you aware of your growth? Do you look for ways to develop yourself?

SPIRITUALITY  –  How connected are you to your inner self?

Finished? Great job! Now join up the dots around the circle. what do you see? Does your circle look balanced? Imagine a bike, and look at your circle. Do you think you could ride your bike on circle like that? That exercise gives you a visual representation of your life right now.  Does it make you feel great and joyful or worried and anxious?

If the first ones, then congratulations. If the latter ones, ask yourself: what area could I work on first and what one action step could I take right now to change it?

We all are moving either upstream or downstream. Learning about yourself is an ongoing process and only those who are willing to look within, assess and take lessons and make new approaches toward them,  can shift mindset so it guides them to flow downstream. The path of ease.  what about you? Have you ever felt stuck? If so, how did you deal with that feeling? What made you move forward? Share some insights below in comments. You never know what benefit and impact it may have on somebody’s else life.

And remember and remind yourself this:

it is never ever too late to start over!


Light and Hugs from Me






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The best things in life are free

The best things in life are free

Say what???

I have heard numerous times that there was nothing for free in the world  yet I have never believed it. As a teenager I used to love the song by Luther Vandross and Janet Jackson: ‘The Best things in life are free’.  I strongly feel that the best things in our lives which are also free of charge, are happening in front of our eyes on daily basis.

This is my personal list of those things in random order:

1. Giving and receiving hugs

2. Amazing music that I can listen to and songs that I can sing

3. All the moments spent with my family

4. Being a part of my friends’ lives

5. Love

6. All the hilarious, touching and fun moments spent with my girlfriends – You Rock Ladies!

7. Kisses

8. Coffees made by my best friend and our chats about stuff

9. My nephew telling me stories – what a privilage to be his auntie  – The best auntie in the world I have been named.

10. Starring at the sunset

11. Swimming in the sea

12. Meditating

13. Dancing in the living room

And today I celebrate (with a cup of coffee) my girlfriends  whom I spent last nite. It was such a relaxing, vibrant and amusing time. My face still hurts because of the stories told and laughter that followed.  Till next time one of the best thing in my life!

Hugs and Light From Me


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To Meditate or not to Meditate? That is the question

To Meditate or not to Meditate?

Well, if I had been asked that question five years ago, that would be my answer:

Ech.., what? Meditation?  That’s not for me.

However, it is not my case anymore. I have changed my view once I started to meditate. Now, I will say, it takes practice and it is still something I am constantly improving. My journey commenced with Louise Hay book “You can heal your life” where she depicts mediation as a mental deposit that we could make our daily habit. So I started and it felt weird, uncomfortable and kinda hard for me. The idea of sitting still, in silence was new to me as I spent most of my life in noise. I remember times when I used to study with the music in the background or falling asleep with having radio on. And then there was noise of shoulds, musts and haves in daily conversations, not to mention the physical noise which we all live in. Yet thanks to meditation, the pace of my every day life slowed down. I became more present and appreciative. While it was quite challenging at first to disregard the outside noise ( trying to meditate when you hear passing cars all the time or the lawnmover), with time I learned not to allow that noise to dominate my thoughts. Initially, my practice was to sit quietly for five minutes, breath in and out concentrating on repeating in my mind the words: Love or Peace, then I gradually was extending the time and now I can meditate for half an hour which is a triumph  for me. I am yet to dicover group meditation and will comment on that type in my later posts.

I can say now that I feel inner peace and it expands. Meditation changed my daily life. Will it change yours?

Light and Hugs from Me